Romanian American Chamber of Commerce: IT Alliance International Chapter

Welcome to RACC-IT, the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce IT Alliance Chapter, where innovation meets collaboration. We are the bridge connecting Romanian creativity with American enterprise, dedicated to empowering the IT sector’s growth and excellence across borders. Join us in shaping the future where technology transcends boundaries.

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What can RACC-IT do for you?

At RACC-IT, we’re more than a membership organization—we’re your partners in innovation.

Our mission is to seamlessly connect Romanian tech brilliance with the vibrant American market. We’re here to unlock a realm of opportunities for tech firms on both sides of the Atlantic.

Investment Incubator

Dive into our pool of resources including investor matchmaking, venture capital navigation, and strategic guidance for mergers, acquisitions, and initial public offerings.

Networking & Education

Join us at various events across the USA and Romania to forge valuable connections and glean insights.

Trade Associations Leadership

Gain unparalleled access to industry mavens, participate in knowledge-sharing through white papers, roundtables, and engage in cross-promotional activities and trade missions that span the globe.

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Adrian Zuckerman
Adrian ZuckermanAdvisor, Chair Advisory Council Former US Ambassador to Romania
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RACC-IT is a bi-directional platform for innovators and investors to drive relationships between Romanian and US markets. We help burgeoning Romanian tech companies open doors to opportunity in the USA while helping American companies build their presence in Eastern Europe.

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Read the latest news, useful content for the community, more about the events and meetups we’re organizing, and profiles of our members. Keep up to date!