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Welcome to RACC-IT, the hub for bridging Romanian and American IT sectors. Dive into a world of opportunities for growth, networking, and industry insights. Join us as a member or sponsor, and be at the forefront of shaping the future of tech across continents. Your next big opportunity awaits!

Application Process:
Step 1: Application Submission – Begin your RACC-IT journey by filling out the application form provided below. This is your initial step towards integrating into our vibrant community.
Step 2: Quick Response – After submitting your form, our team will diligently review your application and aim to respond within one week. We will provide further information and guidance on the next steps, ensuring a smooth entry into our network.

Member benefits

Market Expansion Opportunities

Gain exposure to US-based individuals and companies, offering significant avenues for expanding your business into the US market.

Exclusive Event Invitations

Receive invitations to RACC-IT events, which are rich in industry insights and offer opportunities for professional development.

Networking Potential

Engage in networking opportunities with industry professionals and leaders. These connections can lead to strategic partnerships.

Sponsor benefits

Brand Visibility

As a sponsor, your logo will be prominently featured on our website and at our events, providing high visibility and brand recognition among a targeted audience in the IT industry.

Influence in Event Planning

Sponsors play an integral role in shaping RACC-IT's events, offering a unique opportunity to assist and influence event themes, topics, and formats, aligning with your company's interests and expertise.

Enhanced Networking

Gain access to deeper networking experiences with U.S. companies and their managers, fostering valuable connections that can lead to strategic partnerships and business growth.